These are some of the projects I've participated in, web sites I've built, and some other works in progress.

The Amigo family has been growing vineyards from many generations ago in El Bierzo, Spain. They produce some excelent wines like Baloiro and Viñademoya

The web site is built on Drupal 5.0, with two languages using the Internationalization module and some small develpments. The graphical design was made by Psychotik.

Bodega Luzdivina Amigo - Screenshot

FightHunger.org is a project from the UN World Food Program, which aims to help to end child hunger in the world by 2015. They hold an annual worldwide demonstration across the globe called Walk the World.

Fighthunger.org screenshot

For this Drupal powered website I've developed a module which lets you select a category from the Open Directory Project and imports the full collection of sub-categories and links.

It takes care of downloading periodically the full dmoz exported data, extract the chosen category, and import it into Drupal. The imported data is browsable on the website, exportable as RSS, or can be included in another web page using some javascript code.

Llengua.org - Screenshot

Mute is an online magazine dedicated to exploring culture and politics after the net.

Metamute.org - Screenshot


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