Building a Telegram Messenger Module

After the WhatsApp acquisition by Facebook I've started too look for another messenger option and ended up with Telegram. Not that I hate Facebook, I just don't trust them enough for my private messages.

Telegram provides an open protocol and API, nothing done for PHP / Drupal so I've started this one as a hobby project,

No PHP implementation, so for now we'll be writing a PHP wrapper for Telegram CLI,

Some trouble with wrapping PHP commands, handling assynchronous I/O, etc, but not that bad...

The project includes:
- A PHP wrapper for Telegram CLI, that can be used as a stand alone class.
- A few Drupal modules:
- Base Telegram API
- Telegram Manager, more complex API that provides queueing (no need to start Telegram CLI for every request).
- Telegram Actions, integration with Actions & Rules, mostly copied from Twitter Actions.
- Some other testing & example tools.

Development notes:
- Using XAutoload (PSR-0 for classes) and some encapsulation so the module is kind-of Drupal 8 - ready.
- Telegram CLI needs compilation, works fine in Ubuntu Linux.
- The thing works though, installation is a bit complex

My partner in the project, Jose Manuel Guerrero
The Drupal module

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