Building a Telegram Messenger Module

After the WhatsApp acquisition by Facebook I've started too look for another messenger option and ended up with Telegram. Not that I hate Facebook, I just don't trust them enough for my private messages.

Telegram provides an open protocol and API, nothing done for PHP / Drupal so I've started this one as a hobby project,

No PHP implementation, so for now we'll be writing a PHP wrapper for Telegram CLI,

Some trouble with wrapping PHP commands, handling assynchronous I/O, etc, but not that bad...

The project includes:
- A PHP wrapper for Telegram CLI, that can be used as a stand alone class.
- A few Drupal modules:
- Base Telegram API
- Telegram Manager, more complex API that provides queueing (no need to start Telegram CLI for every request).
- Telegram Actions, integration with Actions & Rules, mostly copied from Twitter Actions.
- Some other testing & example tools.

Development notes:
- Using XAutoload (PSR-0 for classes) and some encapsulation so the module is kind-of Drupal 8 - ready.
- Telegram CLI needs compilation, works fine in Ubuntu Linux.
- The thing works though, installation is a bit complex

My partner in the project, Jose Manuel Guerrero
The Drupal module

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I have just find out more about detail steps to Install Telegram Desktop Messaging App has a major focus on security and encryption in Ubuntu, Arch Linux and other Linux Distros posted at PUPUWEB Blog.

tnx for module.
how to config telegram module for share content on telegram???
i can't config and use this module