Mobile Emulators for Linux

Latest verion of Chrome:
- For Linux, Mac and Windows:
- Download,
- Documentation here,

Opera Mobile Emulator:
- For Linux, Mac, Windows.
- Download,


Building a Telegram Messenger Module

After the WhatsApp acquisition by Facebook I've started too look for another messenger option and ended up with Telegram. Not that I hate Facebook, I just don't trust them enough for my private messages.

Telegram provides an open protocol and API, nothing done for PHP / Drupal so I've started this one as a hobby project,

No PHP implementation, so for now we'll be writing a PHP wrapper for Telegram CLI,


These are a few add-ons for Drupal 7 Variable module that just got out of my sandbox. A module to provide a 'File' variable type and a module to help developers keep track of variables and variable types. They are contained in the Variable Extra package, see links at the bottom.

Variable File

This one contains a few extra variable types to be used on other modules: File and Image (Both Managed and Unmanaged). Hopefully if this one works well, waiting for feedback atm, it will be moved into the main Variable package...

Variable Devel

This is a tool for developers that want to implement the Variable API in their own modules. You can find it in the 'Development' modules group after you download the package. It provides a few features...

There are tons of articles and discussions about advantages and disadvantages of responsive and adaptive web design but this article won't get into that. This is just about the mobile web site I want to get, and how to build it with Drupal. Keep in mind there are plenty of options about how to build a mobile version of your web site. Possibly most of the people will be just fine using one of the many responsive themes that there are available. They work just fine.

But the thing is I want a fully different version of my web site for mobile devices and I want the kind of consistency on which a URL matches exactly to a web site page. Also I've been checking a number of top web sites, mostly from content publishing companies and guess what... most of them have a specific mobile version of their web site (That's adaptive by the way), using a different domain for mobile. Well, I want more or less that, built with Drupal, of course.


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