This is an old post I sent to drupal-devel mailing list more than 3 years ago, I would like to revive as I think finally the small core / many distributions idea is gaining some ground. I haven't changed anything from the original post here,


I've had a pair busy weeks doing development and maintenance for contributed modules: Internationalization, Messaging, Notifications. All of them have got some new features and are on track for stable releases soon.

However, one of the the things I've realized (again) is that I've ended up maintaining way too many huge modules and maybe one of the ways to keep them moving faster is to break them down when it makes sense, and also to hand over maintenance to some more people. Now we have Mail2web (Ian Ward is the new maintainer) and Language Icons (Freso is helping with that one), more may be coming in the next future....

The other thing I've realized is that it is exhausting maintaining both 5.x and 6.x versions of a module. That means developing and testing everything twice with slight changes which is actually harder than working on two different projects. The thing is that Drupal 6 seems to be taking some time to become the main development version for new sites and more work is done with Drupal 5 yet.

Today I got back to Drupal development after a few days just to find, to my astonishment, that things are still changing and instead of bugfixing we are still implementing new features.

We are in the proccess of adding full multi language support to Drupal. So far, I have contributed a module, Internationalization, which can be downloaded from Drupal repository.

This is some online discussion about the current and target functionality, how the implementation is done, plans for the future, and some kind of on-line manual for the module.


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