A bit late, I know, but here's the material and links from the Session Florian Loretan and I did in Drupalcon London 2011 last month.

The video and the slides from the session: Multilingual Drupal Solutions - Use Cases and Modules - Slides

Picture of Hello Drupal! Hello Kitty! hand made in fabric.

Last week I came back from Brussels Drupal Dev Days, which has been a great gathering of Drupal developers. We were more than 500 people, the organization and the sessions were great -and the parties too- and I think it was a great success.

In Brussels I presented this session, with Olivier Jacquet: State of Internationalization in Drupal 7. He talked about all multilingual related improvements in Drupal 7 and some new modules (Entity Translation) and then I talked about how Internationalization module is being upgraded for Drupal 7.

I'm still here in León but getting everyting ready for flying to Paris tomorrow. I'll arrive on Wednesday evening so I'm afraid I'm missing the first day.

This year I'm not doing any session, I'm taking a break. But looking forward to other people's talks and to meet lots of old and new faces there. I'm sure it's goint to be great as usual.

Here I am again, in Washington DC attending the Drupal Conference.

This time I'm doing two presentations:

  • Messaging: Life beyond e-mail, about latest developments with Messaging framework.
  • Multilingual Drupal: Status Report and Discussion, with Gábor Hojtsy, one more talk about Multilingual Drupal


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