Brussels Drupal Dev Days - Internationalization for Drupal 7

Last week I came back from Brussels Drupal Dev Days, which has been a great gathering of Drupal developers. We were more than 500 people, the organization and the sessions were great -and the parties too- and I think it was a great success.

In Brussels I presented this session, with Olivier Jacquet: State of Internationalization in Drupal 7. He talked about all multilingual related improvements in Drupal 7 and some new modules (Entity Translation) and then I talked about how Internationalization module is being upgraded for Drupal 7.

Picture of Hello Drupal! Hello Kitty! hand made in fabric.

We also had a BoF about i18n development in which we shared and discussed some interesting ideas for multilingual improvements, both for Internationalization module and for Drupal 8. I may talk more about them in a next post but anyway, the main idea we discussed was creating some generic API for translation sets. This is my first proof of concept, by the way, about that translation sets.

As main Drupal conferences are becoming huge marketing and business events with thousands of people, I think these smaller meetings, where you can meet less people but more focused on different areas of Drupal development, are really the way to move on. So I hope I will be able to attend some more of these, or some Drupalcamps around Europe in the next months. But of course I won't miss the next DrupalCon in London this summer.

Here are the slides from the session, though I'm afraid there may be too many pictures and just a few words, so you better watch the video of the session -- and don't miss the next one :-)

Thank you very much to the organizers -and to everybody else- for the great weekend in Brussels.