Variable module provides a registry for meta-data about Drupal variables and some extended Variable API and administration interface. The idea of this module is to provide some API for contributed modules to declare their variables so other modules, like Internationalization, can use this information to translate them, build customized settings forms, export groups of variables, etc...

The module has been extended with some other features that include an administration interface for variables, Variable Admin, a storage module, Variable Store, support for multiple variable realms and lately with support for Domains and Multilingual variables per domain.

These are a few add-ons for Drupal 7 Variable module that just got out of my sandbox. A module to provide a 'File' variable type and a module to help developers keep track of variables and variable types. They are contained in the Variable Extra package, see links at the bottom.

Variable File

This one contains a few extra variable types to be used on other modules: File and Image (Both Managed and Unmanaged). Hopefully if this one works well, waiting for feedback atm, it will be moved into the main Variable package...

Variable Devel

This is a tool for developers that want to implement the Variable API in their own modules. You can find it in the 'Development' modules group after you download the package. It provides a few features...

Screenshot - Settings form with domains and languages

There are a lot of modules for Drupal. One of them, Domain Access, enables multiple different domains on a single Drupal site and allows setting different variable values for each domain. Another of them, Internationalization, allows different variable values for each language. What was missing was a mechanism to handle that variables consistently and then allowing to mix these two 'variable realms' setting specific values for specific combinations of Domain and Language.

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