Multilingual Drupal, Yes or No?

To the question "Will Drupal 6 be multilingual?", I just can say that it will be "more multilingual than Drupal 5", but really cannot give a straight "Yes" answer as it is not really fully multilingual because there are a big number of parts that cannot yet be localized or translated.
This is the latest try and our last chance for Drupal 6. There's a very minimum set of patches to at least allow contributed modules to hook into the right places of Drupal core and have a fully multilingual Drupal 6 without using dirty hacks or core patches in contributed modules.

There are two more that may also use some help, but these seem to be on track and ready for a last minute commit.

There are other full patches in queue that have been there for some time, see, but at this point it seems to late and they may be quite big and complex to rush them as last minute features so possibly they'll have to wait for Drupal 7.
So with the small list above, and some more work to be done in contributed modules, I think we could have a 'feature-complete' multilingual Drupal. Then we can gather the best solutions for the next version and try to have the full thing into Drupal core.