Drupal is an open source Content Management System, developed in PHP and published under GNU/GPL, with a good and clean design, powerful and flexible. This is my CMS of choice, after testing a number of them and comparing usability, performance and code. I am a Drupal core developer and an active member of the Drupal community, the author of modules like Internationalization. Being an active member of the Drupal community for some years now, I've participated in a lot of Drupal events and conferences on which I am a regular presenter. Currently I am working on multilingual Drupal and the related D8MI core initiative.

From this month I will be working part time for Development Seed which is quite an exciting prospect for me because of both, the nature of their projects and the kind of organizations they work for. Also, because after having met them at the Drupal Conference in Brussels this year, they look like a...
Post to drupal.org forum Update: Preparing a DEP draft for implementation in Drupal 4.8
Today I got back to Drupal development after a few days just to find, to my astonishment, that things are still changing and instead of bugfixing we are still implementing new features.
I've recently run into some discussion about some functionality and some options for site administrators related with a patch I've post to Drupal core. But please, this is not about we are right/they are wrong and that. I just think this subject deserves some further discussion.