It was 2003, six years ago, when I got started with Drupal. My user id is 4299. A few months later I contributed my first module (i18n). I can't tell how many modules there were at that moment, but Internationalization module is node number 5917.

Too many things have happened since then, most of them good. The community has seen an explosive growth, my job is now 99% Drupal, we've been to all these great conferences, companies have risen around Drupal, and many of us have drunk pints and pints of beer using Drupal as a excuse :-)

We are now more than 200000 users and the site has more than half a million nodes (content pages). So everything has changed quite a bit. But there's this single thing that, though it's seen many improvements, is still fundamentally the same, just bigger:

I'm still here in León but getting everyting ready for flying to Paris tomorrow. I'll arrive on Wednesday evening so I'm afraid I'm missing the first day.

This year I'm not doing any session, I'm taking a break. But looking forward to other people's talks and to meet lots of old and new faces there. I'm sure it's goint to be great as usual.

This is an old post I sent to drupal-devel mailing list more than 3 years ago, I would like to revive as I think finally the small core / many distributions idea is gaining some ground. I haven't changed anything from the original post here,


As it seems a brand new Drupal localization site is coming to life any of these days, we still need to work out some issues like how the translations will be packaged to support all of our existing deployment models and maybe some new ones.

We've been thinking and talking for some time about it. This is about my specific proposal for solving this packaging issue.

Well, if you want to see a specific implementation of translations downloaded on the fly by the installer check out the Open Atrium latest (dev) version. As I explain below, this is a limited use case (Drupal distribution with known set of modules), so we've gone through some shortcuts here. But anyway it is a nice proof of concept of how you can automatically download/import/update translations. Yeah, it works!


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