Google Trends graph: Google vs Facebook

Google is losing the battle against Facebook and they know it very well. Just a few days ago Google unveiled their vision of the future of the Internet, that's Google Wave. Google Wave is an amazing communication and collaboration tool that could very well reshape the future of the Internet, though it has some important drawback at the moment: it doesn't exist yet.

However, when we think about the Internet it doesn't matter that much where we are (that won't last much longer) as where we are going. This is important too for other tools that are shaping the Internet as we know it, like Drupal. These are just some thoughts about where we are going and what does it all mean for Drupal, which is the part of the Internet I'm more involved with.

Here I am again, in Washington DC attending the Drupal Conference.

This time I'm doing two presentations:

  • Messaging: Life beyond e-mail, about latest developments with Messaging framework.
  • Multilingual Drupal: Status Report and Discussion, with Gábor Hojtsy, one more talk about Multilingual Drupal
Picture of the marine in Washington DC Waterfront
Picture of U Street, in Washington DC

I'll be in Washington DC for this week, hanging out with the rest of Development Seed team.

A week plenty of interesting work and meetings ahead. And some party too of course :-)

I've had a pair busy weeks doing development and maintenance for contributed modules: Internationalization, Messaging, Notifications. All of them have got some new features and are on track for stable releases soon.

However, one of the the things I've realized (again) is that I've ended up maintaining way too many huge modules and maybe one of the ways to keep them moving faster is to break them down when it makes sense, and also to hand over maintenance to some more people. Now we have Mail2web (Ian Ward is the new maintainer) and Language Icons (Freso is helping with that one), more may be coming in the next future....

The other thing I've realized is that it is exhausting maintaining both 5.x and 6.x versions of a module. That means developing and testing everything twice with slight changes which is actually harder than working on two different projects. The thing is that Drupal 6 seems to be taking some time to become the main development version for new sites and more work is done with Drupal 5 yet.


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