For this Drupal powered website I've developed a module which lets you select a category from the Open Directory Project and imports the full collection of sub-categories and links.

It takes care of downloading periodically the full dmoz exported data, extract the chosen category, and import it into Drupal. The imported data is browsable on the website, exportable as RSS, or can be included in another web page using some javascript code. - Screenshot

Today I got back to Drupal development after a few days just to find, to my astonishment, that things are still changing and instead of bugfixing we are still implementing new features.

I've recently run into some discussion about some functionality and some options for site administrators related with a patch I've post to Drupal core. But please, this is not about we are right/they are wrong and that. I just think this subject deserves some further discussion.

We are in the proccess of adding full multi language support to Drupal. So far, I have contributed a module, Internationalization, which can be downloaded from Drupal repository.

This is some online discussion about the current and target functionality, how the implementation is done, plans for the future, and some kind of on-line manual for the module.


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