Photo - Gábor Hojtsy and Jose Reyero presenting in Boston

I'm leaving on Sunday, so these days I've been quite busy preparing everything for the Boston Drupalcon 2008. I'll be in Boston this next week, and then in Washington DC, with the Development Seed folks, until March 19th.

It seems this time I will be speaking in two of the sessions: Mail, Notifications & Messaging Framework and Multilanguage Drupal: a status report and a discussion.

Attending the Drupal Conference in Barcelona, from Sept 19th to 22nd. It's the biggest DrupalCon ever, more than 400 people, and the place is really great, Citilab in Cornellá.

From this month I will be working part time for Development Seed which is quite an exciting prospect for me because of both, the nature of their projects and the kind of organizations they work for.

Also, because after having met them at the Drupal Conference in Brussels this year, they look like a nice team I'll enjoy working with.

Group photo - Drupalcon Brussels 2006 attendees

Finally, back to work after attending the Drupal Conference in Brussels and a few more days travelling around Europe. It's been great to be once again with most of the people that keep Drupal running and it's good to see that the Drupal project and community are healthier than ever and there are lots of interesting projects going on.


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